2012 Champions!!

Post date: May 21, 2012 11:31:24 AM

Congratulations to Basingstoke Bulls 1 who clinched the OKA Division 1 Championship with a hard-fought victory over Oxford University 1 on Sunday.

Basingstoke Bulls 2 then completed a Uni double by beating Oxford University 2 comfortably.

What follows is the match report from Captain Lou:

Hi all, another very proud day for the Bulls as we won our final match of the season and with it the league title! WOOO HOOO!

BBKC 1 .v. Oxford Uni 1

12 - 10

Dave (1), Jon, Lou (5), Mel B (1)

Viktor (2), Vlad (2), Donna, Em (1)

The final match of the season was another very tense, hard-fought affair. Too close to call at points, the Cup champions (Uni) came out all guns blazing! Uni scored the first goal and we slowly matched goal for goal until going into half time level pegging. This did nothing for anyone's nerves, but we collected ourselves and pulled together to finally pull away by 3 goals, thanks to a beautiful goal from Viktor and 2 long shots from Lou.

Both divisions defended excellently conceding equal numbers. Special mention must be made of Donna who did a fantastic job defending the quick running-in shots and of Viktor who covered Vlad when needed from the super fast passing and running of the Oxford boys! Em supported the division excellently and scored just when needed to keep us in the game. Vlad faced a real challenge from a young, smart player, but he matched him goal for goal, despite a bad back and being almost twice his age! : )

Down the other end, Jon owned the post and made easy work of collect and recycling the ball. He was very unlucky to have a nice hook shot disallowed. Lou was the beneficiary of Jon's post domination enabling long shot after long shot and a tally of 4 (plus a free pass). Mel really brought her speed to the fore and helped open up the game. She read the game well and had a lovely drop off shot that nailed the final score.

Chairman Dave got the rare pleasure of playing out front and really helped control the division. He stole the goal of the match sinking a mid-range shot while completely unmarked. Nerves of steel! Mr Burns came on for Dave in the 2nd half, bringing a much needed injection of energy. Matt's strong passing helped mix things up in attack and he kept his opponent at bay in defense...especially as Uni upped their pace towards the end. Tenacious performances all round.

It's been a real pleasure to captain BBKC 1 this year and I'm so proud of how far we've come. Graham has transformed a bunch of talented individuals into a great squad that is just at the start of what it can do. Next year the league, the cup and the plate! Congratulations everyone - now to celebrate our success....