Hi there, please ignore this page. It is here in the short term just in case things in society change again. We are back, training indoors and loving it.

Return to Play

Last Updated: 19th April 2021

Training Information

Training will resume on Thursdays from 7-8pm from April 22 at Everest Community Academy.

Sessions will take place outdoors, in line with government guidelines, on the netball courts next to the main car park. The inside changing rooms will be closed but we will have access to outdoor-accessible toilet facilities in the first school block.

Training will cost £4 per session, payable via bank transfer prior to the session.

Before attending training, you will be required to read and accept the Return to Play Disclaimer, before you will be allowed to participate in a training session. In addition, prior to every training session you attend you will be required to complete a COVID-19 questionnaire, which will be sent out via the team WhatsApp group. If you choose not to accept the disclaimer, or choose not to complete thequestionnaire, you will not be allowed to participate in training.

As part of the return to play regulations with EKA, the Basingstoke Bulls have created a risk assessment which is available for those that wish to view it.

Rules: Guarded Korfball

In order to play korfball in a COVID-secure way, the EKA have established a series of changes to the standard rules of korfball that we must adhere too, as shown in the graphic on the left. In summary:

  • All players must always be 1m from the player in possession of the ball

  • When the ball is in the opposite zone, all players must remain 1m away from eacg other

  • Guarded shots replace defended shots - you must defend a shot from 1m away, measured from chest to chest

  • An 'Exclusion Zone' of 2.5m exists around the basket, and only one attacker and one defender may enter this zone at any one time

  • No free passes - restarts and penalties only. For a penalty, the three attackers not taking the penalty must be at least 1m from the penalty area

  • Max match length - 40 minutes

  • Scheduled breaks, 2 minutes in length, must happen at least every 10 minutes to allow for ball and hand sanitisation

  • No timeouts

  • No shouting


For further information about returning to training, the information we will be collecting, the structure of training and the EKA korfball roadmap, please read through our FAQ document.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to either of our covid officers, Chris Webb or Kieran Davey, through the information on the Contact Us page or via the main club WhatsApp group.

Additional Documents