What is korfball?

Korfball is a ball sport similar to basketball and netball, but unlikely basketball, you can't run with the ball, and unlike netball, anyone can shoot and move in the court. Korfball is one of the world's only mixed gender team sports, and a team is consists of four men and four women.


A team is divided into two divisions of two men and two women, one attacking and one defending. After two goals are scored, the divisions switch roles, so everyone plays in attack and defence.

Attack and Defence

The defender's objective is to prevent the opposing teams attackers from scoring and return the ball to their attacking division. Players in attack are not allowed to shoot if they are 'defended', which means that

1. A defender of the same gender is between the attacker and the post,

2. The defender is close enough to touch the attacker

3. The defender is actively defending the attacker by facing the attacker and having their arm up to block the ball.

This means that attackers have to work together and move around in order to create space and opportunities to take shots.

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