Load of old Bull

Korfball is a game we’ve inherited from the Dutch. Similar in nature to Basketball or Netball (but much more fun!), it is widely played across Europe and there are over 80 league teams in the United Kingdom.

Fast, fun and friendly - Korfball is a mixed sex sport and teams are made up of four boys and four girls. The best thing about Korfball in Basingstoke is that you can join the club just for fun, to get fit or take part in one of our two league teams.

We train every every Wednesday evening at Everest Community College, Basingstoke. During the indoor season (September - June) we train in the sports hall between 8 and 10pm . During the outdoor season (June - September) we can be found on the courts outside between 7 and 9pm. Feel free to just turn up or email info@basingstokekorfball.co.uk for more information